Liquid Riot in Portland is now serving Tide Mill Organic Farm chicken wings!



Liquid Riot Bottling Company was established on the waterfront in Portland’s Old Port, just blocks from City Hall and the location of the Portland Rum Riot, in homage to those that fought for their beverage of choice. As Maine’s first Brewery • Distillery • Resto-Bar, we take all the passion and energy of these past riots and put it into our own liquids, bottled or on tap, made fresh locally for your enjoyment.


Aaron and I found this place using the Sunrise Guide who advertised Liquid Riot won a good food award.   We had wing samples we were giving to breweries in effort to increase our chicken sales in these slower winter months.   We decided to get lunch and a beer at Liquid Riot.  The beer and cider were delicious and the food was amazing.  We told the friendly server we wanted to give the chef free sample of our organic chicken and she was really excited.   The chef came out, sat with us and heard about our nine generation family farm on the coast of Maine wanting to sell him high quality, certified organic, Maine raised chicken.  Josh was interested and we could tell from our brief interaction with him and his staff that there was something special about this place.  Liquid Riot has a fun atmosphere, high quality yummy food and drink and now TIDE MILL ORGANIC FARM chicken wings!   What could be better?  I highly recommend getting some friends together and having a great time eating, drinking and being together.  And order up those certified organic, Maine raised chicken wings that Josh prepares with excellence!