18th Annual Seedling Sale

Saturday & Sunday, May 26 - 27, 2018

10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Whiting Community Center

Sunday Special! Starting at Noon, Buy 3 Seedling 6-packs, Get 1 Free!

Certified Organic Seedlings ~ Assorted Vegetables ~ Flowers ~ Culinary ~ Medicinal Herbs

Offering a large selection of certified organic, healthy beginnings for your farm and garden!

Seedlings from Tide Mill Organic Farm


The Tide Mill Farm Seedling Sale is epic. Truly. It’s one of the social high points of the season in Down East Maine. People who have spent a long winter looking longingly at their snow-covered gardens, and who have not seen very many other people for months, converge on the seedling sale with an almost-religious fervor.

Picture the scene. The inside of the Whiting Town Hall is a jungle of seedlings, all sprouted from seeds sourced from Johnny’s Selected Seeds and Fedco. Neighbors, unpracticed in conversation after the winter, awkwardly exchange news whilst balancing cardboard flats of certified organic (of course!) basil, cucumbers, and spaghetti squash plants on their arms. As plants are adopted, more plants are carried in.

People practically weep with gratitude from the leafy smell of the Romas and Big Beef. Kids scuttle around under and between the tables. Everyone departs with renewed hopes and dreams of a lucrative gardening season ahead. (They also leave with bags of Living Acres potting mix, Tide Mille compost and worm casings, vermiculite, and pearlite: all of which are as important as hopes and dreams.)

Every Memorial Day weekend: you have to see it.  

If you have a couple to share, please bring cardboard carrying flats. Seedlings will also be available at our farm stand starting in June.