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We're a family of farmers in Downeast Maine
We are a 9th generation certified organic farm.  Our chicken is raised and processed right here on the coast of Maine. Order Now


Tide Mill Organic Farm

Tide Mill Organic Farm, with its sprawling barns and fertile fields, has been home and workplace to the same Maine family for 200 years. (That’s nine generations. We must love it here!)

We are Aaron, Carly, Hailey, Paige, Henry, and Ruth. We live a traditional way of life, in tune with tides and seasons, but modernized with cell phones, a web site, soccer practice, and a minivan. Our family is probably a lot like yours, just with more sizes of rubber boots.

Our days revolve around growing and producing organic meat, dairy, and vegetables, making a living and a life from the ground up. Literally.

About Our Products

We provide high-quality, humanely-raised, 100% organic products and believe in the "Eat Local" philosophy of serving the communities nearest to us.



What do you feed your chickens?

Our chickens are fed a combination of different organic grains and minerals that are sourced and milled by Yost Farms in Blaine, Maine. The exact recipe changes with ingredient availability. We are thankful to be working with a local family that is committed to growing heathy feed right here in Maine for our chicken.  They also have access to outdoors at all times, so they eat whatever yummy things they find in the grass. 

Why is certified organic better?

Meat from animals that are certified organic are fed certified organic feed ensuring to the fullest extent there is NO genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that you are eating. Demanding certified organic grains also works to open the doors of opportunity for Maine farmers to raise and have a market for certified organic grains. Certified organic meat means that the animals were NEVER fed antibiotics or hormones. Certified organic meat also follows strict standards for access to the outdoors where green grass is present and that the birds have plenty of space, clean water and fresh air.


What if my box of frozen meat arrives and it's starting to thaw?

The meat will arrive frozen, but don’t worry if some parts are a little soft. As long as the meat is below 40 degrees it’s totally safe. If you aren’t sure, take the temperature of the meat with an accurate meat thermometer.