Welcome to Tide Mill Organic Farm

Our Farm Stand opens for the season May 12th!

We're a family of farmers in Downeast Maine

We produce Maine food for Maine people. Our food tastes better, helps the environment, and is compassionate and responsible.

The dairy cows at Tide Mill Organic Farm are happy (and cute).


Tide Mill Organic Farm, with its sprawling barns and fertile fields, has been home and workplace to the same Maine family for 200 years. (That’s nine generations. We must love it here!)

We are Aaron, Carly, Hailey, Paige, Henry, and Ruth. We live a traditional way of life, in tune with tides and seasons, but modernized with cell phones, a web site, soccer practice, and a minivan. Our family is probably a lot like yours, just with more sizes of rubber boots.

Our days revolve around growing and producing organic meat, dairy, and vegetables, making a living and a life from the ground up. (Literally.)

We Don't Ship Meat

Many of our customers ask if we can ship our organic chicken, beef, and pork. Unfortunately we're not shipping at this time, though we certainly would like to be able to. In the meantime, come visit Maine and taste the goodness of real, nourishing food. You can also rent our farmhouse for a week of peace & relaxation on the bold Downeast Maine coast.

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About Our Products

We provide high-quality, humanely-raised, 100% organic products and believe in the "Eat Local" philosophy of serving the communities nearest to us.