Collection: Certified Organic Turkey

Our Turkeys are 100% certified organic and pasture raised. They grow up eating luscious green grass, organic grains, enjoying the fresh air and our notoriously varied coastal weather.

No growth hormones. No antibiotics. No GMOs. EVER.

When it’s time to process them, we do it here on the farm, which means they do not endure the stress of transport. Not only is that more humane, but it also results in lower levels of stress hormone in the meat you eat. Tide Mill Organic Farm turkey is always tender and delicious because we treat our turkeys with respect and care the way all turkeys should be raised.

Turkeys are sold by pre-order/ on farm pickup or can be shipped to your door!
We offer Small (10-14lbs), Medium (15-17lbs) and Large (18-21lbs). Available sizes vary per year.