Find Us and our Nourishing Food


Our Farm Stand is open every Saturday 11 a.m. — 1 p.m.

Market is located in the corner of the long silver barn on the left side of Tide Mill Farm, just after you cross a one lane bridge.   Follow the “FARMSTAND HERE” signs!

Please drive SLOW (15 mph) and CAUTIOUSLY.

Check out our Currently Available page for a taste of what seasonal food we are offering!

Make us your "one stop" shopping for fresh organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, chicken, beef, pork, turkey, milk, eggs and pet food.

Looking for Tide Mill Creamery products?

Please visit our cousin’s website to find them.

Crown of Maine CooperativeCrown of Maine Organic Cooperative (COMOC) carry Tide Mill Organic Farm products across the state of Maine and to areas beyond our normal delivery route.  Please visit their websites to see which products they carry, prices, schedules and routes.

For bulk orders of our pasture-raised organic meats, please contact us to place your order and determine where you can meet our delivery vehicle along its route.


We encourage you to support your local retail store carrying our products. If you don’t see something on their shelves, be sure to ask. Many stores will facilitate a special order or event start carrying an item if demand is present.