Our Values and Goals

We believe there is more to running a business than making a profit, so we have developed a mission statement, a value statement, and a set of goals.

Our mission is for our family to earn our living together growing and providing nourishing food while promoting healthy lifestyles, partnership with the land, and strengthening the economy in Washington County, Maine.


We Value:

  • Family togetherness, incorporating our children into our business
  • Local, organic food
  • Downeast Maine economy
  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for the land and our livestock
  • Compassion
  • Utilization of our local resources
  • Small, successful business
  • Education

Our Goals Are:

  • To provide a comfortable income for our family entirely composed of our farming endeavors
  • To help Maine Feed Maine, once again.
  • To connect people to their food
  • Educate consumers of the importance of family farm raised, local food
  • Establish a strong customer loyalty network
  • Establish hands-on educational experiences for youth
  • Strengthen our local economy: through purchasing local materials and employment
  • Rejuvenate agriculture as an economically viable career option for Washington County