Certified Organic Chicken Sausage

Tested by our family and approved by our friends!

Our newest products are a healthy and delicious choice for quick, flavorful meals! We make the chicken sausage in small batches right here in our state-of-the-art air chilling facility on the farm. We’ve partnered with Gryffon Ridge Spices to perfect our spice blend and we are handcrafting our sausages in these delicious flavors:

Taste the difference!

Cooking tip: Simmer links with a little water in a covered pan: 10 minutes at medium heat. Remove cover to let water evaporate and sausage caramelize.

A HUGE coil of our organic chicken sausage The casings for our chicken sausages are made from sheep and hog. While we have found that a certified organic casing product does not exist, we’ve been working with MOFGA on this and received approval for the casings we’ve chosen for our certified organic product. Our breakfast links use sheep casings and our Italian varieties use the hog. We’ve left our sweet chorizo without casing.

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