Healthy, Organic Chicken from Tide Mill Organic Farm

Tide Mill chickens eat the stuff chickens should eat: fresh grass, organic grains, seaweed, and lots of juicy bugs. And because they eat only natural, delicious things, they themselves are natural and delicious. Our chicken has a full, rich flavor that reflects the quality and respect we bring to their care.

No growth hormones. No antibiotics. Our birds don’t need them, and we know you don’t want them.

During the pasture season, the chickens live outside in moveable “chicken tractors,” which are like low-lying coops without floors. So they live protected from predators while they graze on grass and fertilize our fields. They graze the same fields as our dairy cows, following a few days or weeks behind and letting the cows graze the grass down to a manageable height. (Chickens are feisty, but they’re short!)

During the non-pasturing season, the chickens move inside, where they enjoy radiant heating, natural light, and mugs of hot cocoa by the fire. (Ok, that last thing doesn’t happen. But the rest is true!)

The last step is harvesting the chickens, which we do right on the farm in a brand-new, very-shiny-and-clean processing facility.

Our Cornish Cross chickens weigh between 3 1/2 and 5 pounds. We are currently harvesting fresh chicken every week and have plenty of whole birds and a variety of cuts available for sale.

Resident Grill Master Aaron grills up wings for the crew.


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