Whole, Raw Milk. The milk you remember.

Our milk is organic and fresh
Our milk is organic, fresh, and delicious

Where would we be without milk? We would have no ice cream, nothing good to put in our coffee, and there would be no milk moustaches. Milk is required. We produce milk that not only tastes great, it makes you feel good when you pour it over your kids’ cereal. Creamier milk makes a creamier day.

We bottle our own, and sell it unpasteurized, never homogenized, and raw. All we do is filter, chill, and bottle it. You can buy it in stores across Maine– just look for our logo. If you don’t find it, ask your local store to get some quick! Our raw milk is also used in the award-winning cheeses and yogurts of our cousin’s company, Tide Mill Creamery. You can learn more about Rachel & Nate’s creamery at: https://tidemillcreamery.com/

Cow snuggles

Our Milk Values and Standards

  • Fully licensed by the State of Maine
  • Adherence to a strict milk handling policy that ensures both safety and quality of the milk
  • Tide Mill Farm Milk is regularly tested to ensure optimum bacteria counts
  • Our herd of cows is healthy and meets all state of Maine requirements for raw milk sales.

Interested in Carrying Our Milk?

If you are a store or retail location owner in Maine and would like to carry Tide Mill Organic Farm milk, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!