Whole, Raw Milk. The milk you remember.

Our milk is organic and fresh
Our milk is organic, fresh, and delicious

We have two markets for our milk.  We sell most of our milk through a contract with a Horizon, a milk processor who picks up our milk from our farm, along with many other organic dairy farms in Maine every other day.  It is taken to Massachusetts and processed into fluid milk for the Horizon organic brand.   We also bottle our own milk and sell it as raw milk,; filtered and chilled, unpasteurized and unhomogenized to stores, bakeries, buying clubs.  We work with  Tide Mill Creamery to use our raw milk in making award-winning cheeses and yogurts.

Available In Stores: Our milk is being carried in 9 local Washington County Stores - just look for this logo in your local milk cooler. The locations of stores that currently carry our milk are listed on the top-right of this page. We are hoping to expand our milk sales to as many locally owned and operated stores as possible. So if can't find our milk at your favorite grocery store, please ask them about carrying our milk.

Our milk comes straight from the cow where it is only filtered and chilled. It is a whole food, unprocessed and nutritious. We do not pasteurize or homogenize our milk. By carrying our locally produced milk, you and your customers can be assured of the freshest, best quality available in Washington County. We make this pledge because at Tide Mill we bottle and distribute our own milk, operating under a set of values and standards that focus on quality.

Our Milk Values and Standards

  • Fully licensed by the State of Maine
  • Adherence to a strict milk handling policy that ensures both safety and quality of the milk
  • Tide Mill Farm Milk is regularly tested to ensure optimum bacteria counts
  • Our herd of cows is healthy and meets all state of Maine requirements for raw milk sales.

Cow snuggles

Features and Benefits of Tide Mill Milk

  • Raw milk that is not pasteurized, or homogenized; Cream will rise to the top
  • Wholesome, fresh flavor
  • Certified Organic by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), a USDA accredited certifying agency
  • Produced with care and respect for our animals on our 9th generation family farm
  • Sustainably produced, bottled and delivered 100 mile radius, minimizing transportation and carbon emissions.
  • Recyclable plastic gallons and half gallons with a clear simple label

(some of) the Tide Mill Organic Farm family

On-Farm Milk Prices

1 Gallon (in plastic container) $7.00

½ Gallon (in plastic container) $4.00

Interested in Carrying Our Milk?

If you are a store or retail location owner in Maine and would like to carry Tide Mill Organic Farm milk, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

How You Can Get Our Milk

Optimal Temperature Requirements

Our milk is bottled at 34-36 degrees on Tide Mill Farm the morning of delivery. Temperatures during the transportation of milk are maintained below 40 degrees. Raw milk is required to be kept below 45 degrees. We expect our milk to maintain a shelf life of 9 days when kept at 40 degrees or below.

Shelf Life of Raw Milk

The shelf life of our milk is determined by routine testing and the care we take in the handling of our milk. We have a use by date that serves as our lot numbers for our milk and are recorded at our farm. Our use by date will be at least 7 days from the delivery day.