Organic Pet Treats

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Ground, frozen pet food, handmade on farm from our certified organic poultry.

Dehydrated Chicken Feet - A great snack for your canine companions!

Finally there is an organic option for giving your special canine friends a real treat. Dogs who like pigs ears will most likely love these organically grown Tide Mill Dehydrated Chicken Feet.

Sold in half pound packages (~12 feet) for $5.00

Shipping and handling per half pound is $5.00.



The Tide Mill Organic Chicken Difference

  • Our birds taste fabulous. Their full, rich flavor reflects the care given to the quality of their healthy, respected lives.
  • Our birds are raised on fresh, green pasture, foraging every day.
  • Our birds are fed certified organic grains, ensuring to the fullest extent there is no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our chicken.
  • Our birds have access to fresh air and clean water for their entire lives.
  • Our birds are given seaweed and mineral supplements, whose benefit is passed on to you with increased vitamin and mineral content.
  • Our birds are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Our birds are part of the whole farm ecosystem on Tide Mill Farm, a diverse family farm that has spanned nine generations on the shores of Cobscook Bay.