Certified Organic Pork

Picture of Tide Mill Pig

 We raise our pigs in a healthy, loving environment with access to rooting space in recently cleared fields and wooded pastures. They are encouraged to find food in their natural environment and are fed certified organic grains and milk. Our pigs are an integral part of our whole farm system, busily clearing previously forested land to make the way for more vegetable fields and pasture and turning our cull vegetables and milk into healthy meat. 

If you are interested in a particular cut that is not listed, please inquire. We may have it or we can have it cut next time we have or pigs harvested.

Sorry, but we do not ship our pork products at this time.   Please check back in the future for this service.  Our pork is available for on farm pick up or along our existing delivery route.

Product Price Availability
Ground Pork $9.00/lb. Available
Loose Sausage (Not in casings):
Flavors include Breakfast, Garlic, Chorizo and Hot
$10.00/lb. Available
Pork Chops, Country Ribs and Bone-in Loin Roasts. $9.00/lb Available
Boneless Pork Chops $12.00/lb Available
Pork Shoulder Roasts, bone-in $8.00/lb Available
Nitrate-free Smoked  Ham Steaks $10.00/lb Available
Nitrate-free Smoked Bacon $12.00/lb Available
Leaf Lard $4.00/lb Available
Fat Back $2.00/lb Available
Pork Liver $3.00/lb Available

Sampler Pork Packageā€¦20 lbs of Pork

Organic bacon from Tide Mill Organic Farm
Organic bacon from Tide Mill Organic Farm

Pounds are approximate. You will be charged for the actual pounds of meat you will receive....

6 lbs of pork sausage at $9.75 per pound
6 lbs of pork chops at $9.75 per pound
4 lbs of bacon at $11.75 per pound
4 lbs of ham steaks at $9.75 per pound

For a total of approximately $195


We are currently TAKING ORDERS for half and whole pigs to be harvested in November.   We take our pork to Herring Brothers in Dover-Foxcroft (~45 minutes north of Bangor) to be harvested, cut, packaged and frozen. A hanging side of pork, (half a pig), will weigh approximately 110 lbs, although some fluctuation does occur.

Hanging side cost/ lb: $4.00 @ 100 Lbs = $400.00

Butchering: $.80 per pound = $80.00

Smoking (Optional): $1.25 per pound@40 Lbs (bacon, ham, shoulder, and hock) = $50.00

Organic bacon from Tide Mill Organic Farm
We offer several flavors of organic pork sausage

Organic Seasoned Sausage or Ground Pork: $10.00 per side

Transportation to and from the butchers:  $12.50

Total (based on a 100 lb side): $552.50

**Supply is limited. Reserve your side of pork today.**

Please contact us with any comments or questions.

Note: Our goal is for a hanging side to weigh approximately 110 pounds. The packaged pork you receive will be less than 110 lbs, as some shrinkage does occur during cutting. How much shrinkage depends on how you want your side processed. For example, if you do not want the bones, leaf lard, fat back or organ meats, you may receive approximately 75-80 packaged pounds of meat.